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Afternoon Tea Woodbridge Suffolk

The Crown’s Guide to Tea Etiquette

Celebrating the launch of our brand new and contemporary afternoon tea for 2015, we thought we'd share our inside information on tea etiquette...
1. How to make the perfect cup of tea? Use our tea timer and steep for the time advised by Novus on our tea card.

2. Tea or milk, which is poured first into the tea cup? Tea is poured first. In the Victorian era, this was a test of quality of the hostess bone china. Expensive china would not crack under the heat of the tea. It also allows for the milk to be added at the perfect quantity to suit the drinkers taste.

3. How to you hold the tea cup, and should the pinkie finger be raised or not? Contrary to popular belief, the pinkie finger should not be extended but should rest by curving gently back towards your wrist.

4. What is the correct way to stir the tea cup? When stirring your tea, refrain from clinking the sides of your cup.

5. What is the correct placement of the teapot on the table? The spout of the teapot and the tea kettle faces the hostess or pourer.

6. Can you dunk? Under no circumstances dunk any item into your tea. Dunking is a huge social faux-pas.

7. How do you serve lemon with tea? When serving lemon with tea, it is correct to use slices and not wedges. It is best to provide a fork to place a slice of lemon in the tea cup after the tea has been poured. Never add milk to a cup of lemon tea. The citric acid in the lemon will make the milk curdle.

But hey who are we to judge? We hope you enjoy your afternoon tea…

For more information on our afternoon tea here at our restaurant in Woodbridge, head to the Food Heaven pages of our website.

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