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The Crown, Thoroughfare
Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1AD
t. 01394 384242
f. 01394 387192
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Meet the team...

For our quarterly newsletter, we fire some quick Q & A at two of our team; this time round, we meet
The Crown's happy couple (apart from Steve and Becky!):

Event Co-ordinator Sally and Sous Chef Chris...

Fav Food?
Sally - Roast Lamb Dinner, but only if cooked by my mum.
Chris - Ribeye Steak (MR) with Chips, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion rings and a fried egg.
Fav Drink?
S - Pink champagne, preferably served with chocolate-dipped strawberries.
C - Lager – Kasteel Cru is pretty good.
Best Meal?
S - At The Thai Kitchen in Bungay – It was a combination of great food and good friends. I had Tom Yum soup and then Pad Thai noodles with King Prawns and chilli and freshly cooked prawn crackers.
C - Grandma’s Stew and Dumplings.
Last Supper?
S - Rare Seared tuna steak with a good green salad and chips (thrice-fried ones from The Crown, of course!)
Dream Supper guests?
S - Robbie Williams – I have had a crush on him since I was about 12 and Chris Moyles – I think he is hilarious.
Funniest Work Incident?
S - Serving poached eggs to someone in the restaurant, they fell off the plate onto the table. I then tried to pick them off the table and put on them back on the plate to get fresh ones but could not pick them up. Have you ever tried to pick poached eggs up with a knife and fork?!!
Best bit of job?
S - Meeting so many different people, both customers and colleagues. Also going to so many different places and events with Bespoke.
C - Working some amazing events in some fab venues and to some very well-known faces
Favourite Colour?  
S - Pink, I like to be a girlie girl.
C - Blue
S - Spending my hard-earned money going shopping, especially buying shoes.
C - I love anything military, especially to do with World War II.
S - My Best Friend's Wedding
C - Classic black-and-white WWII movie.
S - Anything as long as you can have a good sing and dance to it!
C - Dance and Rave music
What do you do on your days off?
S - I like to go and eat at different restaurants. I also love a good afternoon at the cinema or a night out with the girls.
C - Working at Hardwick Airfield's World War Two Museum.
Pet Hate?
S - I can’t bear it when people can’t pick their feet up and drag their shoes!
Career/life aspirations?
S - I love my job with Bespoke. I still feel I have so much I can learn from Rebecca so I hope to be working with her for a long time yet. Also one day in the future I would love to start a family with Whippet, but I could never give up work completely.
How would you change the world?
S - At the risk of sound like a complete cliché, I would like to stop all the crime and violence in the world. All the bad things that happen to good people which do not deserve it.