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The Crown Best Rate Guarantee

We promise you won't find a cheaper Crown hotel room anywhere on the internet, and if you do, we will honour the rate *. T&Cs apply.
To book, please call 01394 384242

At the Crown Hotel our best rate guarantee ensures that when you book direct with us online you are getting the best value at the time of your booking. Whether you book your stay at the Crown via computer, tablet or mobile, we hope to make the booking process as hassle-free as possible.

* If you make a booking at the Crown and find the identical booking cheaper elsewhere online within 2 hours, we will:

  • Honour the rate you have found as long as it can be verified and we will give you a further 10% off that rate

So make sure you always book direct with the Crown hotel to ensure that you get the best rates on your booking.

Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. The Best Rate Guarantee is valid if:

You have made a reservation on a bed and breakfast basis through the Crown Hotel website ( and you have received confirmation of your booking. You will need your booking confirmation number to process the claim; and

within 2 hours of receiving your booking confirmation number and not less than 2 hours prior to your arrival date you have:

found a lower rate for an identical booking on a bed and breakfast basis on another website which is available for bookings by the general public.

emailed us at providing the following information:

Crown Hotel booking confirmation number;

your full name and contact details (including not only email address but also postal address and contact telephone number);

arrival date; and

confirmation and evidence of the availability of the lower rate for an identical booking on a bed and breakfast basis and the date and time at which the rate was available (and for these purposes a "screen shot" or scanned print-out clearly showing full details of the relevant rate and terms on a third party website and the date and time at which the relevant rate and terms were available will constitute acceptable evidence thereof, as will an email confirmation of booking providing full details of the terms attaching to such booking).

2. To constitute an identical booking for the purposes of our Best Rate Guarantee, the publicly available price on the other website must:

be for the same number of guests, duration of stay, on the same dates;
at the same hotel;
in the same room type;
on a bed and breakfast basis only; and
be subject to the same cancellation terms, advance purchase policies and other terms and conditions.

3. Upon successful validation of your claim under the Crown Hotel Best Rate Guarantee:

the lower rate which you found will be applied to your booking;
A further 10% discount will be applied to your booking. This discount does not apply to any additional charges other than the room rate on booking, such as taxes, service charge and food or drink.

4. The Crown Hotel Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to:

all rates except for our standard internet bed and breakfast rate;

rates that are not available to the general public. These include (but are not limited to) corporate rates, seasonal promotional package rates, rates provided on bookings through travel agents (whether or not online), wedding and banqueting package rates and conference rates;

membership rates, partnership rates, employees and offline bookings made on wholesale and free independent traveller rates;

reservations that are made less than 2 hours prior to the arrival date; or

reservations that are or have been amended or transferred after the time of first booking;

5. Only one claim may be submitted in respect of each stay. A "stay" means the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel by the same guest or guests, regardless of which guest made the booking.

6. The Crown Hotel Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to rates available on "opaque" websites, being websites where the hotel brand and specific hotel are not known at the time at which the booking is made.

7. The Crown Hotel Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to disparities in room rates which are due to fluctuations, rounding, or differences in currency exchange rates.

8. Please see our general Terms and Conditions for all other terms and conditions governing your booking with us.

To book, please call 01394 384242

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