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The Snake - M'hanncha with Date Sauce

This is a fantastic Moroccan dessert with a tasty, quick and easy recipe to follow, too. Head chef Luke cooked this dish live at this month's cookery demo and lunch. Make sure you keep an eye out for August's event!

375g icing sugar
375g butter
3 large eggs
375g ground almonds
4 tbsp rose water
heaped tbsp plain flour
zest of lemon and an orange
50g crushed pistachios


1. Mix the butter and icing sugar together into a creamy texture then carefully beat in the three eggs.

2. Slowly mix in the ground almonds

3. Carry on blending the ingredients together, and add four tablespoons of rose rose water, the plain flour, lemon and orange zest.

4. Finally add the crushed pistachios for texture.

5. Lay our nine sheets of filo pastry, short side towards the edge, and carefully spoon your mix along the length of the pastry.

6. Leaving around 10 centimetres clear at either end, fold the ends over the filling. Roll into a big cigar shape.

7. Delicately coil the roll into a swirl shape and place in a preheated oven for 45 minutes on 180c.

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