Royal Air Force Woodbridge or more simply RAF Woodbridge, is a former Royal Air Force station located east of Woodbridge in Suffolk, England.

During 1941 the Air Ministry identified the requirement for a number of emergency runways on the east coast of England. One being RAF Woodbridge, or RAF Sutton Heath as it was originally named, situated in the middle of Tangham and Rendlesham Forests.

From Wikipedia:

"Built 1943
In use 1943-1948,1952-1993
Controlled by Royal Air Force (1943-1948)
United States Air Force (1952-1993)
British Army (2006-)

It is famous for its wide runway which, along with the two at the former RAF bases at Manston in Kent and Carnaby in Yorkshire - were originally constructed to assist damaged aircraft to land on their return from raids over Germany.

Woodbridge was used by the RAF during World War II, and by the United States Air Force during the Cold War, being the primary home for the 79th Fighter Squadron and squadrons of the 81st Fighter Wing under various designations from 1951 to 1993. For many years, the 81st Fighter Wing also operated from nearby RAF Bentwaters, with Bentwaters and Woodbridge being known as the "Twin Bases".